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About Us

Wave Farm is more than just a place to grow roses. We are a community of enthusiasts with a common passion for creating the perfect flowers and making your day bright and memorable.

Our roots go deep into the heart of India, to places where the land generously bestows its wealth and beauty. Here, among picturesque landscapes and mild climate, we create our own little paradise for roses.

Our passion for flowers permeates every aspect of our work. We pay special attention to every stage of the growing process - from seed selection to plant care, from flower picking to delivery of your orders. Every bud, every petal is grown with love and care to give you only the best.

Our Production

Rose Avalanche $5

Rose Lady Diana $3

Rose Freesia $4

Tea Rose $4

Rose Imperial Red  $5

Rose Snow Queen $3

About our roses

At our farm, we grow and offer a wide range of the most beautiful and quality roses in India. Our products come in a variety of rose varieties, each with its own unique charm and character. We are proud of our flowers, grown with love and care, and are ready to offer you only the best.

Our advantages

We are proud to offer you the best!

High Quality Products

We guarantee that every rose grown on our farm meets the highest quality standards. We pay special attention to the process of growing and caring for plants to provide our customers with only the freshest, most beautiful and long-lasting flowers.

Wide Range of Varieties

We offer a variety of rose varieties, each with its own unique beauty and character. Whether you need soft pastel shades or bright, rich flowers, we have roses for every taste and occasion.

Professional Service and Support

Our team of professionals is always ready to offer you the best service and support. We provide fast and efficient order processing, prompt delivery and rose care advice to ensure your purchasing experience is as pleasant and convenient as possible.

Environmental Sustainability

We strive to ensure that our operations are as environmentally sustainable as possible. We use advanced methods for growing and caring for roses that minimize the negative impact on the environment. We also support sustainability and responsible consumption initiatives to make our world a cleaner and greener place.

About the partnership

At Wave Farm, we value every partnership we form. We believe in the power of teamwork and win-win collaboration to help us grow and prosper together.

Trusted Relationships: We strive to ensure that our relationships with partners are based on mutual trust, honesty and openness. We respect each partner and value their contribution to our common success.

Mutually beneficial cooperation: We are always ready to meet the needs of our partners and look for solutions that bring mutual benefit. We are open to exchanging ideas, experiences and resources in order to jointly reach new heights.

Support and assistance: We try to always be close to our partners, ready to offer help and support in any situation. We value their successes and try to do everything we can to help them achieve their goals.

Inspiration and Innovation: We encourage creativity and innovation in our partnerships. We are ready to support ideas and initiatives that can improve our work and bring new opportunities for development.

Shared success: We believe that our success is closely linked to the success of our partners. We strive to ensure that every partnership brings mutual benefit and helps us achieve common goals and results.

At our farm, we take pride in our partnerships and value the opportunity to work alongside you. Welcome to our team, where together we can achieve great success!


Working with the Wave farm is a real pleasure! They not only offer high quality roses, but also excellent service. You can always count on prompt processing of orders, as well as professional support and advice on flower care. We are pleased with our partnership and look forward to new joint projects!

Arjun Patil


Wave Farm is the ideal supplier for us. Their wide range of high quality roses and excellent service make working with them easy and enjoyable. We appreciate their professionalism, reliability and willingness to meet our needs. Thank you for making our business brighter and more successful!

Ravi Sharma


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